09 July 2016

Music that speaks to me

Music is supposed to be a universal language. One everyone understands and can relate with depending on what they like, which is true, I have learnt. Many times I find myself dancing to music that is in a language I have never even heard.

(What can I say, if it has a beat, has the smallest semblance to a tune, then it’s enough to get me portraying my non-existent dance moves.)

Music is a good thing, a really good thing. Something we can all relate with, it even sometimes feels like a friend, I mean there is a song for every mood, feeling, occasion, and if you are on Instagram music provides captions for all occasions.

Which brings to me to the question that is been bothering me for a while. See, the kind of music I like, is not exactly the kind of music most people would consider “nice” especially not my mom. I like hiphop, I like rap, I like nigerian music and I like oldies.And that is about it. The thing is, rappers are prone to throwing a “few” expletives here and there in their songs, and this, this is the one thing my mom and I have failed to bond over.

And make no mistake, I know how detrimental this is to my “spiritual wholesomeness” being a good child of God and what not, but honestly this is the only music I can relate to.

I recently got a biggie album (notorious b.i.g) and it’s all Ive been listening to, the unfortunate thing (for my mom) is I never want to enjoy my music alone.

If I’m listening to music, the whole house has to listen to music, and with the number of times biggie said words that rhyme with duck and witch in his songs, you can imagine how close my mom is to getting a heart attack (To be perfectly honest, I would never in a million years let my children listen to such music).

My question is what makes people like a certain kind of music so much, and be completely against another?

Every Sunday my mom plays gospel music and judging by the gloomy expressions on everyone’s face, no one is amused. One of my sisters likes music that can only be defined as other worldly. She listens to music sung by people I doubt anyone but her has heard of, my other sister is content with listening to only music she hears in movies.

My love for oldies is also something that gets me (and my friends) questioning just how old I am. Dolly Parton, Smokey, Kenny Rogers, this is the kind of music I have on my phone.

Most teenagers would not be even caught dead listening to this music, so you see my confusion? I like genres of music that are so totally different from each other, and I have come to the conclusion that the kind of music someone likes depends on the experiences they have been through, music is words, and these words have meanings behind them. If you can relate to a certain meaning, then of course you will like that kind of music.


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