13 August 2016

Get wowed by traditional dishes

Boiled food that is bereft of cooking oil has been a way of cooking with the Baganda since time immemorial, notwithstanding the fact one cannot underestimate the advantage of this mode of cooking as being best for healthy living.

What many folks may not know is that Nalongo’s the legendary joint has been around for more than 50years and during that time the cooking has never changed; boiled, boiled and more boiled.

Hard to believe, but in the ‘50s, before Uganda had gained its sovereignty, Nalongo’s was the place to be seen by the political heavies of the day who included the late Dr Kununka, Milton Obote, I.K Musazi, A.D Lubowa even my father Apollo Kironde, “Jolly” Joe Kiwanuka, aka, ‘ali dde ki’ loosely translated to mean what has he eaten?
This phrase, was not so flattering reference to the tempestuous and unpredictable character of the man.

Unlike today, where competition in the industry is rife and cutthroat, back then Nalongo’s had only one competitor, Maxwell’s, situated where present day Quality Chemicals is. Her landlord was James Mitti Kabazzi, and the place was made up of at most two rooms unlike today where they have greatly expanded but claim the distinction of never having moved from where they first opened shop.

Nalongo Bukirwa, the current owner, whose mother founded the place and has long passed on, is still running the show albeit due to advanced age is no longer as active. She runs the show largely from the background. As might be expected this is still a family run business and despite the fierce competition that abounds within the industry today, not to mention copycats, she manages to hold her own, year in and year out.

For ardent fans of smoked boiled beef ribs, succulent boiled goat stew, wonderful and sublime luwombo of your preferred choice, lungfish, smoked fish in ground nut sauce, boiled greens then look no further; there always be one Nalongo’s that is often imitated but never duplicated.
In time honoured fashion, the place is always clean while the pots and pans can be seen from afar and these are always kept speck and span. The swift and efficient service and the staff are always ready to serve.

If you go…
Place: Nalongo’s, Katwe
Rating: Worth a visit
Food: Traditional
What we like: The food and place are unpretentious
Location: Off Ring Road, Katwe
Smoke-free zone: Not available
Price range: Shs 15,000 is the minimum
Service: On the money
Ambience: Nothing to write home about
Open: Lunch everyday


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