17 August 2016

Parents failing children’s careers - Fagil Mandy


Mr Fagil Mandy, an educationist, has said parents are responsible for their children’s wrong career choices.

The former chairman of Uganda National Examination Board (Uneb) believes that parents are not doing enough to guide their children to make proper occupational choices, explaining the current wave of wrong career choices young people are succumbing to.

Speaking as the chief guest at a career guidance seminar at Jinja Senior Secondary School last week, Mr Mandy, also an education consultant, told the audience, majority of whom were students, that parent have since abandoned their responsibilities claiming they do not have time to do what they are obliged to do — guide their children.

He also complained about the reliance of parents on teachers to shape the characters of their children, saying that is asking too much from a teacher whose job description does not include usurping the role of the parents

“It is becoming increasingly hard to find parents or guardians who spare time to talk with their children about their future. This responsibility to groom a child has been left to schools yet that works best if parents are heavily involved as well,” Mr Mandy said.

He advised the students to not only concentrate on academic work but also develop hands-on skills. Doing odd jobs does not make one a misfit, considering that success comes in many shapes and colours, implying that you do not have to stick to what you studied to make it in life.

The service director of Divine Medicare, Mr John Paul Kibirige, said the purpose of the seminar was to prepare the students in advance before picking their career interest that will shape who they become in future. He said many students fail to be become successful after graduation due to lack of career guidance.


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