14 August 2016

Buhweju not reaping from gold -leaders


Buhweju District leaders have said residents are not benefiting from the gold mining in their area because it is centrally managed and done informally.

The chief administrative officer, Mr Nathan Ahimbisibwe, said gold which was discovered in the area in the 1930s, has never benefited the residents.

Demand for decentralisation
“The problem is that licensing of gold mining is not decentralised and this makes it hard for us to know what is being done in the mines,” Mr Ahimbisibwe, said.

He added; “Mining companies simply deceive government and keep taking away gold. We have written to the Office of the Prime Minister to respond accordingly because our area is being degraded.”

The Resident District Commissioner, Mr Emmy Kateera, last week said various mining companies have flocked Bihanga sub-county to mine gold on the pretext of surveying.

He said the companies claim to have been licensed by the Department of Geological Survey and Mines to carry out a survey on mining areas in Western Uganda.

Mr Kateera said some mining companies, recently brought letters from Office of the President supporting their operations, and the leaders are investigating their authenticity.

The area MP, Mr Francis Mwijukye, said it is unfortunate that government never follows up extraction in the area. “This is a big activity that could benefit the district if serious attention is paid but nothing is being done,” Mr Mwijukye said.

He added that individuals and companies continue to fight because due to transparency in the sector.


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