15 August 2016

Whenever I switch on the fan, I get a running noise

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Dear Doctor:I have noticed that whenever I switch on the fan in my office, I get a running nose. What is causing me all this trouble?
— Amina

Dear Amina : A healthy nose will produce noticeable mucus amounts in response to air that is polluted, has dust, dirt, pollen or is very cold. Vasomotor Rhinitis is a condition of unknown cause which is usually associated with the loss of control of the nose’s function including nasal congestion.
Triggers of non-allergic rhinitis symptoms vary and can include certain odours or irritants in the air, changes in the weather or room temperature, a fan blowing in one’s face, some medications, certain foods, chronic health conditions, pregnancy and stress.
Placement of the fan can be a contributing factor. For example fans by the window may blow in allergy substances including pollens and dust. In this case, relocation of the fan might just do the trick.



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