12 August 2016

Who gets arrested two days before his wedding!

There is bad timing, and there is BAD timing. Of course, there is never good timing for getting arrested, but getting yourself arrested on the day before your wedding!

That is just wrong. No, am very serious. This guy got himself arrested – well, he didn’t exactly hand himself in voluntarily – on a Thursday, when he was supposed to be getting married on Saturday. No amount of explanations and begging and attempts to bribe….would spring him from this dilemma. And talking about bribing, and such dishonest practices, perhaps if he had steered clear of these tendencies he might not be in the situation he found himself.

See, this was something that started more than a year back, before he thought of turning his girlfriend into his wife, possibly before he even started dating her. He was dishonest in a dealing he had with someone.

He didn’t pay what he ought to have paid, taking more than his fair share, and like most of us do when in these situations, he rationalised it, convinced himself that he was right, and the other guy he had robbed was wrong.

The guy, who we shall call Mr Punisher, kindly asked him to pay what he owed him – which wasn’t a lot of money even, but greed is a greedy beast, no pun – but our Mr Thief wasn’t having any of that.

Eventually, Mr Punisher stopped asking for his money, and Mr Thief soon forgot about him. Like I said, it wasn’t a lot of money, it wasn’t worth remembering to Mr Thief, probably even Mr Patient Man.

Weeks became months, months turned into a year, a year and a half… then Mr Patient Man learned that Mr Jailbird was planning to walk his beautiful girl down the aisle. This became Mr Punisher’s priority number one.

He followed the arrangements with such attention; one would think he was the one getting wedded. The other guy was not even aware that his wedding plans had raised such interest in some one he had long forgotten about. One week to the wedding, Mr Punisher goes to a police station, bribes a police man, and makes one request of him: please hold onto Mr Thief from Friday until Monday, then you can release him.

Mr Police man asks him, ‘but why? I can’t just arrest a man for no reason!’ Mr Punisher says, ‘He will be drunk and driving, and he will resist arrest. In fact, he might even hit you.’

Mr Punisher knew that that on that particular Thursday, Mr Thief would be having his bachelor’s party, and being who he is, he would get drunk.

Policeman agreed that that was sufficient reason to hold him in a cell for the entire weekend; aggravated assault against a policeman. So, Punisher and Policeman waited for him outside the venue he was having his bachelor’s party from. As predicted, he stumbled out drunk, walked straight to his car, fumbled to get in, started the car and drove off. Then they stopped him.

He attempted to flee, but they wrestled him down, and punched him. This made him throw punches in his defence, one of them splitting the policeman’s lip and swelling up his jaw.

So, he was thrown in. He attempted to bribe his way out, but Punisher had already covered this avenue. A lot of people pleaded with Policeman to let him out for his wedding and rearrests him again, but Punisher had paid a lot of money for his revenge to be exacted to the last dot.

And it was. On Monday morning, Mr Thief was brought to court, given bail and set free. But the damage was already done. I don’t know who is colder; Mr Thief or Mr Punisher.


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