13 August 2016

Do not add a ‘dear’ to our chat

There is something about being old that’s just not appealing, ask anyone and they will tell you. In fact no, scratch that. Ask a female that looks like the years have taken her on a not so fun merry go round and she will knock a couple of years off her age.

Why? Mostly because males like them young, preferably just out of the crib. This is why I loathe being called dear.Just typing the word even makes me cringe. And like everything else in the world that I hate, it always finds away of happening.

All my Facebook friends insist on calling me dear and you’d think if they were going to use the nasty little word they would at least have the common courtesy to spell it right, but no, it’s either “dea” ,”dia” or some other retarded spelling of the word, you just can’t win with these people. And the worst part about it is you can’t tell them you hate it, because then you’ll have hurt their feelings.

But one of these days, just one beautiful day when nothing is going right, someone, an innocent soul will call me dear and that will be IT. All hell will break loose and that’s a promise.

Now I don’t even know where and why I got all this hatred for the poor word. (For hate it is) it is but a word after all, but I think my sub conscious associates it with aging, and you know no self-respecting female is having that. There is something archaic about it, and I know people probably say it with the best of intentions and immeasurable warmth in their hearts. Like “hi dear, you look beautiful’ but I’m blind to everything else that comes after the dear.

That little syllable releases demons in me I didn’t know I possessed. I feel like it is such an olden word, something that was used those days when telegrams were the rage probably sometime during World War II.

So my brother, my sister, and random friend, the next time you feel the burning desire to text me, do not add a dear anywhere in the mix, please, for my sanity’s sake (and your well being as well), because I’ll probably go crazy and hunt you down just to ask you why. Please, just text me with a hey, unless of course you do not treasure your life, and self preservation being the first law of nature is something you know nothing about.


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