14 August 2016

UG excuses

I find myself with this super disorganised bank. I have never seen this kind of anomaly in communication in a longtime. One department says this and then another says that.. ‘ Actually,Jan, ‘X is actually ‘Y’ and ‘Y’ is the new ‘X’.’ And so while you are settling to this new alphabetical order… there is another memo. ‘Well… Jan, the legal department sees X as the new W. So you have to get on and ‘W’ with it.’

So I suffer because some two departments under the same roof could not come up with a single position. It is similar to leaders in Uganda who fail to respond to crucial issues under their docket. ‘Give me some time, I need to look into the matter, to be able to respond, not heard of it yet’.

While I see the logic in presenting the facts right, the frequency at which this happens only spells lazy leadership. Where is the minister, executive director, spokesperson when all these issues are happening.

At what point will they have all the information and clarity? For instance this week one minister who I suppose by his will attended a talk show, said often that he didn’t have all the facts and would have to seek clarity first.

Another public servant, whose office called a press briefing; (That means they were willing to provide information) wasn’t aware about the activities of a sister department and this seemed normal. As if the classic excuses of traffic Jam, rain and bad network are not enough, we now have to watch for ‘institutional excuses’ that actually have their own implications.

Explanations like ‘ I haven’t read the report yet,’ I’m not aware… or I have to check with x first’ may seem clever, but instead actually expose some disorganisation in a system. So what are people doing with their time?


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