07 June 2016

What to look out for in a carpet

In Summary

Whether for beauty or to conceal a bad floor, every home needs a carpet. Juliet Kigongo tells you why.

One of the things that you can be sure will add beauty to your house is a carpet.
Annet Kamba, proprietor of Phiona’s Interior Designers, describes carpets as thick heavy covering for a floor.
It is usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers but there are also plastic ones.
When buying a carpet, there are factors to put into consideration, she says.
“In most cases, carpets intended for residential use should be of good quality. However, while buying them, bear in mind the type of room to be carpeted, for the room itself will indirectly dictate the best carpet,” she states.

Colour and design
Annette Nakimera, another interior designer with God Caresn says the colour and designs of the carpetinfluences the atmosphere in the room.
Depending on what you need the carpet for, if well chosen, carpets give warmth, define your personality and add a classy touch to the rooms where they are put.
She says the right choice of colour and design of the carpet can make a small room bigger or make a bigger one appear smaller.
Light colours make the room seem bigger, while dark colours of the carpet make you feel restricted.

Rhyming the carpet
While choosing colour, be sure that it rhymes with some things in the room it is going to be put. Nakimera advises that you may, for instance, take along samples of fabric from cushions, curtains and so on.
“Pick out different samples of colours blending with the matching items and check the colours in all kinds of light, artificial as well as natural, to get a true picture of the blend.”
The colour of the carpets should unite other decorative features and create the desired atmosphere. Nakimera says that popular fawn carpets can make the room bigger, For a more emphasised expression of personality, look for a colour matching with furniture or curtains.

Other matchings
Nakimera says patterns on walls, furniture and floor coverings should also be of similar dimensions.
Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange make the room with that has limited light bright , while cold shades of green and blue can have calming effect.

Types of carpets
There are various types of carpets so what one acquires most depends on their budget and desire, Kamba states.
She adds that there are carpets made out of nylon and these are usually the best because the fiber is more durable, resilient and easy to maintain.
“This is a good choice if you want your carpet to last a longer period especially in homes with large family members, children and pets,” she explains.
Polyester ones are also good because they are stain resistant, very soft and comfortable underfoot.
However, they are harder to clean, tend to fade and is not as durable as nylon.
“It is advisable to have this in less conjested rooms such as bedrooms or households without children or pets.”
All types of carpets are available in deep and vibrant colours so that should not be a factor to limit you to a particular one.

Where to put what carpet
“Each carpet has its own recommended area of use and is made for the intended use area to meet requirements.

Living room vs bedroom carpet
There are carpets specially intended for living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, halls, stairs or terraces,” Nakimera states.
She says children’s rooms need extremely comfortable carpets that are soft and in attractive colours.
The rule is different when choosing living room carpets. For a living room choose a carpet that can withstand the many people stepping on it and those that are durabale in unobtrusive design and dull colours that are easy to maintain.
“Since children spend most of their time on the floor of their room, carpets intended for their room should be very pleasant to touch.
Also, they should be fairly rugged to prevent possible slipping.
They have to be safe from the health’s point of view and to be easy for maintenance,” Kamba states.


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