12 August 2016

Decorating with patterns

If you are anything like me, then you are more of a floral or pattern person. I am fascinated by movement, especially if it flows graciously into a beautiful pattern. This, of course, doesn’t mean this is the way to go but I do have a few tit bits to share about either going plain or jumping into the deep end with patterns.

Patterns on fabric or hard surfaces can instantly make your home look more beautiful and homely. This is because often, when you move into a space, it is usually void of pattern or texture, an opportunity the new occupant has to personalise it and what better way to go other than put a pattern here in a rug or a pattern there on furniture.
However, how much pattern to have may depend on a few factors;

Size of the space
Patterns especially if they come bold and large are better for large living areas. They help psychologically reduce the notion that nothing is going on in that space. Small spaces will handle well small print patterns and texture.
The occupants of the room
If it’s going to be a children’s room, pattern is a must! Because we are dealing with inquisitive minds, plain just becomes boring and uneventful but patterns in different places on different surfaces means that they can experience different worlds in one space, kind of like a fantasy land.

If you are going to explore the option of using patterns in your living space rather than use three different floral patterns which is familiar, try using one floral, one stripe and one plain on either curtains, throw cushions, floor rugs and wall paper.

What Mood do you want to create?
If you would like your space to represent a cheerful, merry atmosphere, then pattern or texture is the way to go which explains why most season decorations are with pattern. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more in the range of calm, peaceful and restful then plain would be ideal. Plain fabrics, plain accessories and plain furniture i.e. not dramatic.

-Kawuma is an interior designer


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